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    edupreneur community

    We are a diverse community of Edupreneurs (movers and shakers at the intersection of education + entrepreneurship). We’re looking at you coaches, teacherpreneurs, educational small business owners of all kinds, and more.

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    Los Angeles

    We provide our community a variety of ways to connect and learn from each other. Whether our private groups, spotlight series, or events join us for unique social, professional, and educational experiences.

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    We believe meaningful experiences ignite a curious mind, unlock creativity, and promote lifelong learning. All of these common threads no matter what your profession. Learning is universal.

The Talk

Edupreneurs (formerly Pop-Up Prep.) is a social incubator project dedicated to building community at the intersection of Education + Entrepreneurship.

Our Approach.

Our focus is on fellow educational entrepreneurs, Eddies for short. Edupreneurs connects community members through hosting (or co-collaborating on) unique social, professional, and educational experiences. Whether our private online community, blog spotlight, or event we aim to bring these local movers ‘n’ shakers together in new and creative ways. Simply put through our various projects we equip our community with the resources they need to thrive personally and professionally. We aim to educate, entertain, + inspire. Annnnd if in the process we can provide introductions for future collabs and new-found colleagues, perfect! Together let’s expand the reach of edupreneurs while simultaneously building community. Stay in the loop by joining our mailing list below, peruse our social media channels, and don’t forget to sign-up with our Meet-Up group. Eddie. Set. Go. It’ll be even better with you there!


Why Edupreneurs?

Because the exciting journey of being an educational entrepreneur doesn’t have to feel like “an army of one,” especially in those first five years on your grind. We get it, as much as what you do lights you up, it is also challenging and sometimes isolating. Our homebase is Los Angeles, and studies show LA has the most freelance workers in the US with nearly a fifth of households reporting self-employment income in 2012. Many of these freelancers and start-ups find themselves at the intersection of education + entrepreneurship. A unique path to walk and where we like to hang out most. We are a truly diverse bunch (take a look), but regardless of what avenue of edupreneurship you’re on, we share a common goal: to make a positive impact in our world. Edupreneurs strives to create a space where we can come together to have honest conversations, learn from one another, share resources, and outreach meaningfully. In other words, #EdUp and be each others community.



Hear it first! Our monthly newsletter includes spotlights, edupreneur resources, and event invitations.

Your privacy is important to us. We promise not to sell or share Community information without your permission.



The Walk

YOU! Yes you, amped you're here. What are you working on? Join us below and tell us everything. Can't wait to learn more.


Pop Quiz

What’s your P.O.P.(“Purpose on the Planet”)? Ours is to expand the reach and impact of Edupreneurs while building community with like-minded individuals. Our Spotlight series showcases inspiring Edupreneurs, their journeys, and resources for yours.


Extra Credit

Our Meet-Up group brings the community together through hosting smaller gatherings that explores LA’s learning landscape. Meet-ups provide our members access to creative workshops, events, and other valuable personal + professional development.


Prep Period.

A micro-conference unlike any other. Eddie, we know that intersection is not an easy journey. Connect, unwind, and join us for a working vacation with an inspiring community who gets it. Workshop schedule + itinerary in the works. Join our newsletter for invites.

club pup

Edupreneurs’ Club

Our private group where we #realtalk about edupreneurship. We share our stories, exchange resources, and are there for each other on the day-to-day. *not a space for selling/promos (we have curated opportunities for that). Join the waitlist and be notified when enrollment opens.

Seeking drive, heart, and idealism…

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If you’re interested in learning more about us or have an idea of your own, we’d love to talk to you! We’re still transitioning to our new branding, but our old email address + social media handles still work!

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